Monthly Luncheon - Online Reservation and Payment Form

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Monthly luncheon website.JPG

Monthly Luncheon - Online Reservation and Payment Form


$32.00 Luncheon + $2.50 Credit Card Fees

Please fill out the form below for your Monthly Luncheon Reservation and Payment. Vegetarian Meals must be reserved in advance. If you have reserved a vegetarian meal, on the day of the luncheon please pick-up a "vegetarian place card" at the registration desk and put it on your place to alert the wait staff.

IMPORTANT Reservation or cancellation must be received one week before the Luncheon. If you have missed the deadline, please DO NOT PROCEED WITH PAYMENT unless you have first contacted the luncheon Chair, Kim Hughlett to see if there is still space availability!!

Refunds are not available if you cancel after this date. Credits are not issued for missed luncheons. We might not be available to accommodate late reservations.

As a courtesy to all members, there is no smoking at our luncheons.

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Questions/Updates: Please contact Kim Hughlett at or 713-412-7812 (Cell)